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About Bayshore Health Centre

Bayshore health centre is a 4 storey multi-speciality medical centre, founded by Dr. Rohini R, ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon (www.DoctorRohini.com). We are located in Kilpauk, Chennai.

Our Mission

We aim to provide excellent clinical treatment in a welcoming environment with luxurious infrastructure, keeping affordability in mind. Our consultants collaborate to provide the best care possible to improve your health, quality of life and prevent diseases/ complications. Imagine a health-care system in which patients are well-informed and only receive treatments they desire and/ or require.

We provide a single point of contact for all of your health care requirements, from physicians to surgeons. You can count on us for primary care that focuses on personalised medical management, and giving the appropriate care at the right time. Our doctors are experts in their fields, have rich experience, deliver the best and most recent treatments customised for the patient.

We prioritise our patients’ needs; treat all patients, visitors, and co-workers with compassion and respect. We strive for continuous improvement and excellence in everything we do.


Vision and mission statement

Dr. Rohini R, the founder hails from Singapore. She  has many years of clinical experience following completion of her medical degree as a medical officer, ENT resident, and ENT consultant. Dr. Rohini R also has several years of experience in teaching, training and mentoring medical students and residents. She worked with patients from all socio-economic backgrounds due to her work in free hospitals, medical camps in rural areas, volunteering experience in India and Singapore. In her years of experience, she observed that there was a lot lacking in the healthcare being provided to patients – which included lack of empathy, patients being judged and/ or being spoken to rudely, lack of hygiene, misinformation/ misconceptions in patients patients. Doctors in healthcare also face several issues, such as toxic hierarchy, working excessively long hours, toxic work culture, lack of hygiene and safety. Bayshore Health Centre was created to overcome these issues for doctors and patients. We prioritise our patients’ needs; treat all patients, visitors, and coworkers with compassion and respect. We strive for continuous improvement and excellence in everything we do.


We wanted to create a safe space and a welcoming environment where doctors feel motivated to do their best and patients feel warmth and comfort. All our doctors are like-minded, service oriented, vibrant, empathetic and share the same goals and values.

Enhancing Lives

We are committed to enhancing lives and health of the communities we serve by implementing the following strategies:


  • Excellence and leadership in the delivery of high-quality healthcare services
  • Research and training, broadening the scope of medical knowledge.
  • Physicians and other healthcare professionals are well educated, trained, licensed and collaborate .
  • Improving the community’s health status

Our Values

In the pursuit of this vision, the actions of leadership, staff and other physicians will be guided by the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Stewardship
  • Efficiency
  • Diversity

Our Principles

Quality & Safety

Through effective contacts, decision-making, and actions, we ensure the highest standards and exceptional outcomes.


Empathy entails imagining what another person is going through, working to alleviate suffering, and, whenever feasible, bringing joy to others.


We purposefully cultivate a sense of compassionate belonging in which everyone is appreciated and respected.


We vow to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect, and transparency in order to uphold high moral ideals and professional standards.


We work together to provide the greatest possible care, safety, and well-being for our patients and coworkers.


We drive modest and significant improvements to transform healthcare around the world via innovation.

For doctors: Why join us?

Bayshore Health Centre is a physician and surgeon group practice. If you are looking to start your own private practice, we are here to support you. At bayshore, you would be able to start your own private practice in a luxurious environment without investment and financial burden. No hierarchy, no toxic work culture,  freedom to make your own decisions and grow professionally resulting in empowerment and recognition.

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us


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Open Hours

Mon – Sat: 12 PM to 8 PM.