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Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health Care

Bayshore Health Centre is an integrated multispecialty physician and surgeon group practice Located In Kilpauk, Chennai. We aim to provide excellent clinical treatment and a welcoming environment with luxurious infrastructure spread across 4 storeys, keeping affordability in mind.

Begin your healing journey with doctors who are willing to listen. Whether you’re experiencing new symptoms or simply want to discuss your health and wellness with a doctor, the experts at Bayshore Health Centre are here to help. You’ll have a whole crew devoted to your well-being.

Our specialists will listen to you and try to understand you so that you can get the care you need for your entire self — from physical to mental and emotional well-being.

Our consultants are extremely skilled, reputed, patient, empathetic, enthusiastic, service-oriented, dedicated, and espouse our core values of compassion, integrity and collaboration to provide the best care possible to improve your health, quality of life and prevent diseases/ complications. Imagine a health-care system in which patients are well-informed and only receive treatments they desire and/ or require.

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Our Specialists And Services

What Sets Our Consultants Apart?

Our consultants have come together, not just based on their academic and clinical skills, but also their soft skills, values and ability to make patients feel comfortable. All our consultants provide latest medical and surgical treatments, have rich clinical experience and a high reputation in the clinical field. They are kind, empathetic, patient, spend time with every patient to listen and clarify doubts, without judgment. Our consultants are enthusiastic, service-oriented, dedicated, and espouse our core values of compassion, integrity and collaboration. They are happy to collaborate with other consultants to do the best for patients. Our consultants commit to follow the elements of Clinical Governance, which governs patient care, while practising at our facilities.
All our doctors and nurses are properly qualified and registered with the medical council.

Meet Our Consultants


The Specialists at Bayshore Health Centre build and run their own practice at the centre, while the rest of us are here to provide support and take the hassle of management off them, enabling to focus on patient care.


Experienced Doctors


Professional & Friendly Staff

Meet The Support

Dr. Rohini R, Founder and CEO

Miss Pavithra, Star Nurse

Miss Leelavathy V, OT Technician, Physician & Anaesthesia Assistant

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Kindly call us to fix an appointment with our specialists. We request you to fix prior appointments to avoid crowding in view of COVID-19 and avoid a long waiting time, helping us make your experience as smooth as possible.

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Message From The Founder

In my years of experience, I have observed that there are several pitfalls in the healthcare being provided to patients – which included lack of empathy, patients being judged and/ or being spoken to rudely, lack of hygiene, misinformation/ misconceptions in patients and patients not being given adequate time. Doctors in healthcare also face several issues, such as toxic hierarchy, working excessively long hours, toxic work culture, lack of hygiene and safety.

Bayshore Health Centre was created with a vision to overcome such issues for doctors and patients. We prioritise our patients’ needs; treat all patients, visitors, and coworkers with compassion and respect. I designed the aesthetics of the centre to ensure the space is positive and vibrant for patients and doctors. A place where we can truly enjoy what we do – be healers.

The specialist consultants at Bayshore Health Centre have come together to create a safe space for patients and a welcoming environment. A place where doctors feel motivated to do their best and patients feel warmth and comfort – unlike corporate culture.

All the doctors and support staff are like-minded, service oriented, vibrant, empathetic, share similar goals and values. We have kept patient affordability in mind while providing latest and efficient care. We are friendly and non-judgemental, providing patients a safe space to be open, honest and discuss anything on their mind. We are willing to listen and believe in spending time with patients to make sure we explain in detail and clarify doubts

We are committed to enhancing lives and health of the communities we serve and strive to improve constantly.

For Doctors, there is no hierarchy, no toxic work culture, freedom to make decisions without being crippled by corporate giants and their unrealistic expectations, build their private practice and grow professionally resulting in empowerment, recognition and better patient care. When doctors are happy, it directly reflects on patient care.

– Dr. Rohini

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Unable To Visit The Clinic? Worried About COVID-19?

Unable to visit a clinic? Worried about COVID-19? Want to save time on travel and waiting at a clinic? Fix a video-consultation appointment with the best specialists in chennai as per your convenience. We also provide certain diagnostic services at the convenience of your home. You will receive the best care you expect and deserve.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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